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[Sometime after speaking with Cornelia and checking on Nunnally, who is still in a deep sleep from the other day, Lelouch heads toward his room to retrieve the piece of paper with the notes he had once taken from Muraki's book in regards to medications to help with sleep.]
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[It's nearing mid-evening at the estate of the Governor-General, where one severely out-of-place prince is fingering the heavy curtains that edge a massive window. The soft glow of the city's nightlife, just starting to stir, masks the dark world that lies in the ruined cities beyond this oasis of civilization and prestige. He knows both worlds entirely too well, along with their protectors. It is not a sight he ever expected to bear witness to again. Maybe that's why he cannot pull himself away from this stark reminder of a course charted in blood. It would be easy enough to explain anyway, a quick line about contemplating the challenges before them or about the providence they were bringing to this land. Either way, his claim is to the duplicity, not the clutching, affectionate arms of his younger sisters, both eager to tell him about their days before launching into another of their playful squabbles for his attention. And while he cannot (or maybe will not) completely keep himself from indulging in their presence, those moments of simple joy, neither will he allow himself to forget that this is wrong.

The worst part is that after almost a week, he knows they are still no closer to figuring a way back. (Or maybe the worst part is that part of him wonders why they still try.)

Maybe that's why...]
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[Stuff happened and now there's this:]

AU Rundown

Jan. 18th, 2011 10:35 pm
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Lelouch: Britannia prince who never got sent to Japan and therefore grew up as Britannian royal. tldr; He's kind of a prick but he still has Lelouch's instinctive urge to buck the system, once he can gain control of it. The AU Geass cast shares the same world.

Setsuna: Never met Kira. Ran away from home when he was a pre-teen and probably killed people during one of his rage fits. He ended up mostly bitter, violent and angry toward the world. He doesn't like people, except for Sara, who he hasn't seen in years. While he doesn't have his sword in this verse, he did discover his powers much earlier and knows how to use them, making him exceptionally dangerous. Think more reckless Kamui.

Zero: Not a vampire. Never betrayed by Ichiru so he never lost his parents. Was pretty much raised up by Yagari to be a professional but respectful Hunter. He's also a lot nicer since he lacks ANGST and EMO. In this verse, the Hunters distrust Cross' crazy vampire/human ideas and sent Yagari and Zero to monitor both Cross and the Night Class in the academy. Yagari is still a teacher and Zero is still a student guardian. He doesn't hate vampires, but he is loyal to his job.

Toboe/Kiba: MAY OR MAY NOT DO THIS. Grew up in the wild away from humans. Is basically a wild wolf who had a pack and everything (similar to Zari's city pack), unlike Kiba. Still knows how to do his illusion thing but generally is wary of humans and stays away from them. But he's still Toboe so wandering into situations by accident is always possible. Is still curious but more cautious about it. Is not scared of cats because he's a wolf and he can take them. :\ Changed mind! WR Wolves are now part of a human boy band, Rakuen. Toboe plays guitar and Kiba is the leader singer (Hige is drums and Tsume is bass. Cheza's their songwriter.). They are ridiculously famous as boy bands are wont to do. And in this verse, Toboe loves cats and has images of them everywhere. He also is super responsive to his fans and answers all of their letters/e-mails personally. Kiba is the rock star who is like "bleh fame :/" and really just wants to concentrate on his music. Their latest hit single is "STRAY."

Eddie: Never met Roland. Is essentially still a heroin junkie willing to do anything to get his next fix. He's also meaner and unconcerned about anyone except himself and his brother. Not a gunslinger and is more of a two-bit gangster hood.

AU ideas

Jan. 17th, 2011 02:55 am
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I'm putting this up for input since I unfortunately work tomorrow, and I know some of the cast may not.

For AU week, I was thinking of playing Prince Lelouch who had still lost Marianne to "an assassin" but never pulled the stunt that got him booted out of Britannia. So he never ended up in Japan, except for maybe a visit to another sibling. I don't know how that part works. But for the most part, yeah Britannian. Still hates Britannia, even though he's fully a part of it and resents Daddy. But has been raised to eye the throne the same as anyone so yeah still has plenty of family-killing vibes left in him. Still trained with Knightmares. But much much more haughty and Britannian royal-like and with their touch of xenophobia.

So who's with me and wants to join in on the scenario?
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Here's what I did in between threads tonight. o/

And yes, you have to guess who's who. Hopefully, it will be easy.

VampireCats )

GeassCats )

The rest of my lineup! )
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Setsuna has four days. He's going to snag Sara (I'm sure you can guess what will ensue) and probably visit Hatori and then try to find out wtf happened to Joshua.

Lelouch has three days. I am up in the air where he's spending them since he's obviously not going home. He has several potential places to research. Might be taking company. Not sure yet.

Zero has two days and... is up in the air as far as vacation plans. I'LL TAKE SUGGESTIONS. is going to spend them one playing model for Ebi and Akiha. LOEV NOT!MOMMY. EDIT: Other day was spent visiting Chris and learning cleric stuffs and just generally checking up o him. :|b

Toboe has one day and will go find Tsume. :( Or maybe he can hang with a friend. Again, SUGGESTIONS.

Kiba is staying put because he will NEVER COME BACK.

Eddie has one day and no plans. Offers?

Obviously, people, I suck at traveling and need suggestions. Sob.


Dec. 8th, 2010 02:34 am
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Disclaimer, I spent more time last year thinking up chara gifts than RL gifts.

So to avoid that embarrassing display of insanity again this year, I have devised a system. Comment here if you believe one of mine would gift you AND you want to thread it. Even if it's a tiny thread. This way I don't spend a ridic amount of time at working coming up with gift ideas that I can't put to thready goodness.


Setsuna: Usually I have him gift everyone but I'm going for sanity this year so if you are good friends with him, he'll gift you. You probably know if Setsuna likes you. Hint, he bugs you a lot.

Lelouch: Will gift you if you are a small child or he really likes you (I leave this to interpretation as sometimes Lelouch is still a bitch to people he likes). Otherwise, you can assume there was a very nicely scripted card.

Zero: Is super selective about getting so he's only going to give to those especially close to him. Basically, if you talk to Zero and he's told you things he wouldn't normally share with everyone else, you're in this group.

Toboe: Will probably get something for anyone who wants it. It will probably be flowers or something else a wolf can manage.

Kiba: Does not care about Christmas.

Eddie: Ehhhh if you really think Eddie might gift you, let me know.

Peter: Will probably just offer free back rides or something. Again, let me know.

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I am putting this here because I think more people read it than my boring poli-journal. Anyway, I like making cookies and I like sending cookies. Those who have had my cookies can testify to their AWESOME quality. I make it a habit of making many different types each year and mixing and matching, depending on my favorites and what people want. You might end up with chocolate expresso, you might end up with sugar, you might end up with lemon poppyseed, you might end up with raspberry meringue WHO KNOWS. They're all 100% made from scratch.

If you would enjoy delicious cookies, reply here. I'm not asking for addresses yet, just interest. KEEP IN MIND WHAT IT SAYS ABOUT THE UPCOMING COOKIE POLL.

Note, if you leave ridic far away, I'll send you a card.
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[Now here's something you don't see everyday: a scruffy black cat being tailed across camp by a barking Shiba inu. Though, that might have something to do with the half-asleep black kitten hanging from the cat's mouth. As for the puppy's urgency, that might have something to do with the lightning flashes not too far off.]

(Post open to anyone who wants to play. I'm just putting it here so as to not usurp a similar post.)
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So the serious poll on insanity the other day got me thinking about how camp has affected my crew's relative level of sanity. I'm only going to do the main three since they are the ones who have canonical insanity problems while the others are mostly normal from where I took them. For some, their time in camp has improved things greatly. For others... not so much. Let's see who got the short end of the stick, shall we?

Mudou Setsuna )

Lelouch vi Britannia )

Kiryuu Zero )
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[ profile] code_geass is doing a rewatch of the entire series, one episode a week. Since I think this is the greatest thing since sliced bread and am loving the discussions with old and new blood, I shall be linking them here for notes, posterity and just plain squee.

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[Anyone who's used to a certain failemp making his rounds about camp might have noticed a startling absence for the past few days (unless they've been hanging in the hospital, where he spends some time everyday). Some might even take this to be odd, considering that said failemp has almost appeared to be in a better mood than usual prior to the week. Maybe you should check on him at his cabin?]

((FTR: Nunnally thread takes place the morning after this and Fuuma's thread takes place shortly after the events of this post.))
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[After this fun discovery in the cornfields.

Having further stained his clothes while arranging to Suzaku's quarters in the hospital, Lelouch has since picked up a cleaner set and gone through the effort of maintaining a more presentable appearance. He wastes no time in retrieving the Shinkirou's key from the secluded area where he stores it and some other sensitive data, as well as his notes from the last several days. Securing the item, he quietly slips into Nunnally's room. She remains sleeping soundly, unaware of what events have transpired over the course of this day. His throat grows raw and he swallows once before closing the door again and walking out of the cabin.]
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4. screw cake. we're having PIE.

I play Setsuna, Lelouch, Zero, Toboe, Kiba, Eddie Dean and Peter Dickinson (the science dragon).
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[Someone is waking up in his bed, a dull throbbing still registering faintly at the back of his head. And something else... the coppery scent of blood.]

... nnngh.
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So previews for the new Geass calendar are out. Aside from its rampant love of Gino, usual girls in maid outfits and weird preferences, I will be buying it with glee! Why is this you ask?

Shinsengumi Lelouch & Suzaku! No, seriously there are no words to describe how much I love the concept and art behind that picture. It makes my fangirl heart squee in amazing ways.

Also, Vampire!Lelouch & Reaper!Suzaku w/ Milly and Nunnally as witches and possibly vampire queen C.C. I think it's obvious why I adore this one.

But yes, this calendar will be mine!


Sep. 3rd, 2010 09:12 pm
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OH, is this how we're supposed to do it?

Eddie Dean is counseling:

- Kayashima Taiki (auragasm)
- Kanda Yu
- Kotoha Hanaori *
- Rikuou Himura
- Zuko *
- Marisa

Peter Dickinson is counseling:

- Marona
- Iono Mito Archeline
- Yuna *
- Keima Katsuragi (neveroptionc)
- Reimu Hakurei *
- Raidou Kuzunoha XIV

Lelouch is being counseled by:

- Raven
- Othello

Zero is being counseled by:

- Eric Northman
- Katsura Kotarou (itsnotusername)
- Spain
- Tyki
- Wallace Wells

I already have a few threads started, as shown in the links. I can easily set up an IC threading post for Peter, as he's the type to do sit-downs. Eddie is more the type that will randomly accost you and strike up conversation before revealing why he's doing it in the first place. As for Zero, well you're probably going to have to track him down since he's an elusive bitch who hates counseling. That is of course why I signed him up. My plan was to basically ping Zero's counselors when he's in a thread and go from there, unless you had plans of your own. I will just keep an eye out for Eddie's crew, but give me your opinion on how you'd like to handle things.

I will be away this weekend, as I am kidnapping Suzaku FOREVER. But after that, I should be good.
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So my characters have all been busy little beavers, development-wise and I should probably essay about this. Unfortunately, I am a lazy ho and I have to return to work in 30 minutes so instead I'm doing it the quick and dirty way. The SOTU. Let's bring it.

LOL what am I even doing lately? )

This is also where I take questions if anyone has any regarding any of the above mentioned zaniness or anything else pertaining to my characters. I love questions. You can even ask for a relationship meme if you'd like. If you have questions you don't want the world to see for any reason, you may reply to my handy-dandy screened post for that is what it's there for. o/

Oh, and I will intro Peter soon. Possibly tonight when I get back from work.


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