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Jan. 18th, 2011 10:35 pm
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Lelouch: Britannia prince who never got sent to Japan and therefore grew up as Britannian royal. tldr; He's kind of a prick but he still has Lelouch's instinctive urge to buck the system, once he can gain control of it. The AU Geass cast shares the same world.

Setsuna: Never met Kira. Ran away from home when he was a pre-teen and probably killed people during one of his rage fits. He ended up mostly bitter, violent and angry toward the world. He doesn't like people, except for Sara, who he hasn't seen in years. While he doesn't have his sword in this verse, he did discover his powers much earlier and knows how to use them, making him exceptionally dangerous. Think more reckless Kamui.

Zero: Not a vampire. Never betrayed by Ichiru so he never lost his parents. Was pretty much raised up by Yagari to be a professional but respectful Hunter. He's also a lot nicer since he lacks ANGST and EMO. In this verse, the Hunters distrust Cross' crazy vampire/human ideas and sent Yagari and Zero to monitor both Cross and the Night Class in the academy. Yagari is still a teacher and Zero is still a student guardian. He doesn't hate vampires, but he is loyal to his job.

Toboe/Kiba: MAY OR MAY NOT DO THIS. Grew up in the wild away from humans. Is basically a wild wolf who had a pack and everything (similar to Zari's city pack), unlike Kiba. Still knows how to do his illusion thing but generally is wary of humans and stays away from them. But he's still Toboe so wandering into situations by accident is always possible. Is still curious but more cautious about it. Is not scared of cats because he's a wolf and he can take them. :\ Changed mind! WR Wolves are now part of a human boy band, Rakuen. Toboe plays guitar and Kiba is the leader singer (Hige is drums and Tsume is bass. Cheza's their songwriter.). They are ridiculously famous as boy bands are wont to do. And in this verse, Toboe loves cats and has images of them everywhere. He also is super responsive to his fans and answers all of their letters/e-mails personally. Kiba is the rock star who is like "bleh fame :/" and really just wants to concentrate on his music. Their latest hit single is "STRAY."

Eddie: Never met Roland. Is essentially still a heroin junkie willing to do anything to get his next fix. He's also meaner and unconcerned about anyone except himself and his brother. Not a gunslinger and is more of a two-bit gangster hood.

AU ideas

Jan. 17th, 2011 02:55 am
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I'm putting this up for input since I unfortunately work tomorrow, and I know some of the cast may not.

For AU week, I was thinking of playing Prince Lelouch who had still lost Marianne to "an assassin" but never pulled the stunt that got him booted out of Britannia. So he never ended up in Japan, except for maybe a visit to another sibling. I don't know how that part works. But for the most part, yeah Britannian. Still hates Britannia, even though he's fully a part of it and resents Daddy. But has been raised to eye the throne the same as anyone so yeah still has plenty of family-killing vibes left in him. Still trained with Knightmares. But much much more haughty and Britannian royal-like and with their touch of xenophobia.

So who's with me and wants to join in on the scenario?
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[In a certain main character's room in Boys 4...]

These are by far their worst designs yet. Korto is the only one of them that deserves to make it to --

((OOC: I warn you now that I apologize for NOTHING. Also SPOILERS!!!))


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