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[ profile] code_geass is doing a rewatch of the entire series, one episode a week. Since I think this is the greatest thing since sliced bread and am loving the discussions with old and new blood, I shall be linking them here for notes, posterity and just plain squee.

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So previews for the new Geass calendar are out. Aside from its rampant love of Gino, usual girls in maid outfits and weird preferences, I will be buying it with glee! Why is this you ask?

Shinsengumi Lelouch & Suzaku! No, seriously there are no words to describe how much I love the concept and art behind that picture. It makes my fangirl heart squee in amazing ways.

Also, Vampire!Lelouch & Reaper!Suzaku w/ Milly and Nunnally as witches and possibly vampire queen C.C. I think it's obvious why I adore this one.

But yes, this calendar will be mine!
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Note, I HATE HATE HATE HATED this book. Borrowing a phrase from Angry Joe, this book is hollow, uninspired and a cardboard cutout of the anime version. There is so much WRONG with this book (and the canon ramifications are INSANE), that instead I will just list the portions that I found viable and am assimilating into canon.

Zero )
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Behold Lelouch depressing the hell out of everyone he knows in the final picture drama. Credit to here. You can also click there if you want to read the actual crack that preceded this bawwwfest. Warning, it makes it infinitely more painful. Though, Geasscast has also decided it's headcanon that the picture drama is a manipulation of the World of C and Lelouch will continue to do freaky things to his loved ones until the end of time. |D gg lulu

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I loved this book as much as I loved "Stage Zero," which was about Suzaku, Lelouch and Nunnally's summer together. I adore the deeper look taken of Suzaku's reasoning and especially Euphemia's. I know "Zero" is going to be BORING because of all the political jazz.

OT3 D'awwww )
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"So not a fake cut. Really."

No really, he thinks he's a cowboy. It's beyond sad.

I should icon it.
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I am in total love with Lelouch's outfit.

And yes, as I said in my comments, I have decided that he made both those outfits, but only Lelouch can manage to pull them off without looking 100% like a woman. But seriously, THE STUDS. So sexy, Lulu. I feel an icon coming on...

ETA: People, for Lelouch to have STDS, sex would be required. And we all know how likely that is. orz.

ETA2: Icon done! If you notice, I may have completely changed the artist by accident. :o
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Since apparently canon never dies, I've decided I'm going to continue to use this journal to follow the growing insanity of Geass. Such as the upcoming mystery project~ and other nonsense like that. PS I actually really really want to see this because while some people are whores for Squaresoft, I am a whore for Geass.

So things of note:

If you thought the anime ending of Geass was depressing. Why not try it in MANGA FORM? Sob why is the cute manga more graphically disturbing than the anime? :(

Give me my threesome with Euphie and I will forever be your bitch. I mean, come on, can you get more awesome than this? Really? yes i know cc should probably be there but i can go along with trolling when it's in my favor...

Geass official art that doesn't blow. Can it mean an AU in the future? Who knows? I am perpetually prepared to be trolled. Also, I think this image is related to one of their special events that already happened. idek anymmore

And since I think people already know about the LULZ that is Renya (please please tell me about the code backstory please please don't suck), I'll call this a day. I might also toss up some noteworthy items from the novels, although they will be largely Suzaku-centered since the novels focus more on his POV.
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From this post:

-Kawaguchi P talks about the timeslot change and how it altered their original plans considerably. They had written up until episode 3, but had to discard and redo everything. At first, it had been decided that the winner in the showdown between Suzaku and Lelouch was going to be... Lelouch º__º'' (I didn't know this. Has it been shared before, when there was that discussion about the original plans for R2 being completely different? Maybe I missed it lol). Both FukuJun and Daichuu think it's more logical that Lelouch lost a fight in which he needed to use physical strength, plus Suzaku would be able to dodge any bullet XD

-After it was decided that Lelouch should lose that fight, their initial idea was to have him stay inside a cell during the day and make him escape and act as Zero during the night, but such maneuver wasn't very Lelouch-like because it also required being active and energetic (lol Lelouch you shall forever be known as the weakest anime character ever). Therefore, the Ashford Academy became that "cell", and as they needed somebody to keep watch on Lelouch, tadah! Rolo was born =D. That's right, Rolo owes his existence to Lelouch's lack of stamina! lmao
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You know, there are times when I worry and I say to myself, I say "Nayami, do you think you might be playing Lelouch a bit too effeminate, dare I say gay?" And then I pout and go "Self, you're right. :("



So Kamui, need a haircut?
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I might reformat this when I'm not being exceeding lazy and rushing off to save my poor toy from getting shipped back to God knows where. Anywhoo, I found one of those translation/summary thingies on AnimeSuki the other day so it's going into the usual archive.

"Rejoice in seeing the only track of the R2 SEs that makes any lick of sense. This one features a pissy BabyKaguya, an adorable Babyzaku and a devious Babylulu. It wins points for classic cutie Babyzaku near the end. Oh and ignore the second translation. For it is only PAIN."
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The first part of this was originally translated by [ profile] blottyparchment, the second by Pink-chan and posted on AnimeSuki. I always worry about these things disappearing, and I love this so very much so I'm tossing it up here. I can forgive the creators for their ramblings in the guide book now.

EEE & Explanation of the Lelouch/Suzaku Clamp emp/knight illustration. )
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I have to add this for the d'awwwwwwness.

One last dream?
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So I think NewType planned this to coincide with the OMG WRRRY of the recent episodes. They are masters of sadism. Enjoy. I spoil nothing.

Closing my eyes and watching the red darkness behind my eyelids )
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Nunnally can be extremely creepy when she wants. Her pouting about Lelouch never really getting angry with her unnerves me. But I guess I can see it. Maybe she does feel too smothered from time to time. Still, Lelouch really shouldn't leave her alone with C.C. That can't be a good influence.

Don't mess with Lelouch's margin of error! )
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Between C.C. and his crazy ninja maid, Lelouch really is going to have an aneurysm one day...

Worshiping the god of cheese and tomato sauce. )
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I'm too lazy to look up the excerpt before this one, but I just had to post about the boys' ADVENTURES IN COOKING. Yes, it is that epic. Arthur helps.

My three decimal places. D: )


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