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You need to show more restraint, Rolo. We do not yet know all that is involved in this game.
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Explanations time!

First, OMG I love Lelouch being a wolf. It was a dream come true.

Second, so Nayami + Lelouch = SLOW THREADING. This has and will always be the case. :( Now if you add CFUW-plotting to the scenario, you end up with SLOW THREADING + CFUW!LELOUCH MAKES NAYAMI A NERVOUS WRECK. So yes, SLOW THREADING TO THE UMPTEENTH POWER also random disappearances to deal with personal spazzery. Long story short, I loved everyone who jumped me during this event and if I dropped your thread, it was only because of one of the above reasons. Especially Brook, Junior and Ricochet. :( I will try to pick up what threads I can. Of course the really plot-heavy ones will be impossible to pick up due to the loss of atmosphere. But it's very important that I stress how much I enjoyed playing with everyone, despite my flighty ways. Especially of course Biz for making Lelouch's life more and more miserable every second. o/

Now, I was going to do other explanations character-wise. But have since decided that bumps can be chalked up to Lelouch being a billion times smarter than this mun (the 4 hours of sleep each night didn't help either. orz) and the rest... well the intrigue of Lelouch is that you never really know, now do you?


Actually my only regret is that being caught up in playing Lelouch prevented me from having Zero or Kiba take on a hellhound. Much sadness. :(( It would have been epic.
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And what are we doing for step two of this venture? If others have ideas, they might as well share them now. I would like to have several just in case.


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