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This post is for you to give me your address if you want a card. Cookie winners only have to comment in winner section since you will get a card by default~. Comments will be screened.

- Tot
- Ace
- Mikage
- Rui
- Ryner
- Ami
- Niyx
- Rubyd

Winners, I'll probably hit you up late this weekend to choose your cookie types~.
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Hello and welcome to Nayami's cookie lottery!

Here is how it works. Every holiday season, I bake a crapload of cookies of about 6 or so different styles. Then I send people a batch of 30 or so cookies. It is awesome! Though sometimes your cookies don't arrive until January because I am a failboat. :x BUT YOU WILL GET THEM AND THEY WILL BE SCRUMPTIOUS.

BUT cookie-sending is expensive so I'm hosting this lottery to select 8 people to receive said delicious cookies.

Comment here if you want to participate in the lottery. You don't have to leave your address yet. That'll be for the winners~.

Also, comment here if you want a card. I will provide a separate page for addresses for that. Not on this one.

Winners will be selected and notified by next Friday, Dec. 7. GOOD LUCK!
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WINNERS: Tot, Fuuma, Tatsie, David, Yuuki, Kaname, Amy

[Poll #1803749]

Please DON'T VOTE IF YOU AREN'T MENTIONED IN THE WINNERS, as it throws off my count and makes me very very sad.

The top four favored cookie types will be the ones I send, along with two types I have already decided on: my tried and true chocolate expresso cookies and either a SPECIAL cookie or poppy-seed cookie depending on how much my design skills fail. For more information on these cookies go here, here, here and here.

Also, people mentioned disliking nuts last time so if you are not a nut-lover, comment here and I'll consider excising nuts from the cookies that contain them.
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This seems the proper account for this post.

I plan on sending out about 7 packages of 20-30 cookies. My cookies come highly recommended from all who have received them in the past. :3 Sadly, I am only sending 7 cookie packages because mailing cookies is ridic expensive. Since I have so many people I wish I could send cookies to, I am hosting a lottery.

Note: Cookie lottery applicable to only U.S. residents. Anyone may request a card. Replies will be screened.

Provide your real name/address if you wish to be entered into cookie lottery. I will select 7 names from some randomizer Friday, Dec. 16. Then I will provide a list of cookie options for winners to choose from and send next week.

I am also doing cards. Anyone can ask for a card. Warning, I love doing cards and am crazy wordy. If you would like a card, please provide name/address and put CARD ONLY in the subject line. o/



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