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Here's what I did in between threads tonight. o/

And yes, you have to guess who's who. Hopefully, it will be easy.

VampireCats )

GeassCats )

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[ profile] code_geass is doing a rewatch of the entire series, one episode a week. Since I think this is the greatest thing since sliced bread and am loving the discussions with old and new blood, I shall be linking them here for notes, posterity and just plain squee.

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So previews for the new Geass calendar are out. Aside from its rampant love of Gino, usual girls in maid outfits and weird preferences, I will be buying it with glee! Why is this you ask?

Shinsengumi Lelouch & Suzaku! No, seriously there are no words to describe how much I love the concept and art behind that picture. It makes my fangirl heart squee in amazing ways.

Also, Vampire!Lelouch & Reaper!Suzaku w/ Milly and Nunnally as witches and possibly vampire queen C.C. I think it's obvious why I adore this one.

But yes, this calendar will be mine!
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I am linking to this because I find it perfect and awesome beyond words and want to make sure others are privy to its genius.


Scroll down for pictures.
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"So not a fake cut. Really."

No really, he thinks he's a cowboy. It's beyond sad.

I should icon it.
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I am in total love with Lelouch's outfit.

And yes, as I said in my comments, I have decided that he made both those outfits, but only Lelouch can manage to pull them off without looking 100% like a woman. But seriously, THE STUDS. So sexy, Lulu. I feel an icon coming on...

ETA: People, for Lelouch to have STDS, sex would be required. And we all know how likely that is. orz.

ETA2: Icon done! If you notice, I may have completely changed the artist by accident. :o
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Since apparently canon never dies, I've decided I'm going to continue to use this journal to follow the growing insanity of Geass. Such as the upcoming mystery project~ and other nonsense like that. PS I actually really really want to see this because while some people are whores for Squaresoft, I am a whore for Geass.

So things of note:

If you thought the anime ending of Geass was depressing. Why not try it in MANGA FORM? Sob why is the cute manga more graphically disturbing than the anime? :(

Give me my threesome with Euphie and I will forever be your bitch. I mean, come on, can you get more awesome than this? Really? yes i know cc should probably be there but i can go along with trolling when it's in my favor...

Geass official art that doesn't blow. Can it mean an AU in the future? Who knows? I am perpetually prepared to be trolled. Also, I think this image is related to one of their special events that already happened. idek anymmore

And since I think people already know about the LULZ that is Renya (please please tell me about the code backstory please please don't suck), I'll call this a day. I might also toss up some noteworthy items from the novels, although they will be largely Suzaku-centered since the novels focus more on his POV.
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Welp, I have to get off my lazy butt and get stuff done today but I just had to share this awesome pic [ profile] breakanumber linked me to last night. Especially since I never go to make my Lulu cookie yesterday. :(

Universe paradox? What paradox? )
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I felt like doing a comment meme. Only with active characters though. I think things will always be skewed based on how long I've had my primaries, but it does reveal some fairly decent balance. \o/

Mudou Setsuna ([ profile] sistercomplex): 21,725 comments (35.68%), played since 2006-09-12 (1,092 days at 20 comments/day)
Lelouch vi Britannia ([ profile] zero_quality): 22,690 comments (37.27%), played since 2007-03-26 (897 days at 25 comments/day)
Kiryuu Zero ([ profile] bitingcynicism): 6,118 comments (10.05%), played since 2008-05-21 (475 days at 13 comments/day)
Toboe ([ profile] plzdontoustme): 6,927 comments (11.38%), played since 2009-01-17 (234 days at 30 comments/day)
Motomiya Daisuke ([ profile] courage_found): 1,460 comments (2.40%), played since 2009-04-18 (143 days at 10 comments/day)
Kiba ([ profile] paradisecalls): 1,960 comments (3.22%), played since 2009-06-06 (94 days at 21 comments/day)

Total comment count: 60,880 since 2006-09-12 (1092 days at 56 comments/day)
Yay for Kyou!

Also lol Zero can never defeat Kiba at anything. XD Actually come to think of it, I think this poll sums up my characters' dynamics perfectly. Zero loses to Kiba. Setsuna loses to Lelouch. Toboe wins at everything for just being so damn cute. And Dai has no idea wtf is going on but yay. \o/
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[Ah, enjoying a quiet day by a tree near the cabin, re-reading "The Once and Future King" for the hundredth time and ignoring the cat that occasionally tries to nibble at the edge of a page.

But what is that faint sound in the distance...]

Baaa baaa

Apr. 5th, 2009 03:59 pm
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I have been too exhausted to be much in a threading mood this weekend. Well, that and marathoning various things.

I guess that means it's meme time.

Comment and I'll link a someecard that kind of sort of maybe has something to do with our characters' relationship. Note, this will probably take a while as I am OCD and will probably search them all.

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You know, there are times when I worry and I say to myself, I say "Nayami, do you think you might be playing Lelouch a bit too effeminate, dare I say gay?" And then I pout and go "Self, you're right. :("



So Kamui, need a haircut?
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I have to link to this thread with the newest chibi comic featuring Marianne because it is the best thing ever! And just in time for Halloween. I want to see a Zero!Marianne now.
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[In a certain main character's room in Boys 4...]

These are by far their worst designs yet. Korto is the only one of them that deserves to make it to --

((OOC: I warn you now that I apologize for NOTHING. Also SPOILERS!!!))
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Fire off your questions about the boys (yes, that includes Lelouch). Also Setsuna and Zero for those keeping track. I will come up with something completely ridiculous since no matter how bad it is IT CAN'T BE WORSE THAN CANON. :DDD

Um since I haven't done it in like forever, you can toss in the relationship meme thing if you so care.

ETA: Creativity is lacking this week but I'll embellish more on some when it returns.


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