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So the serious poll on insanity the other day got me thinking about how camp has affected my crew's relative level of sanity. I'm only going to do the main three since they are the ones who have canonical insanity problems while the others are mostly normal from where I took them. For some, their time in camp has improved things greatly. For others... not so much. Let's see who got the short end of the stick, shall we?

Mudou Setsuna )

Lelouch vi Britannia )

Kiryuu Zero )
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So my characters have all been busy little beavers, development-wise and I should probably essay about this. Unfortunately, I am a lazy ho and I have to return to work in 30 minutes so instead I'm doing it the quick and dirty way. The SOTU. Let's bring it.

LOL what am I even doing lately? )

This is also where I take questions if anyone has any regarding any of the above mentioned zaniness or anything else pertaining to my characters. I love questions. You can even ask for a relationship meme if you'd like. If you have questions you don't want the world to see for any reason, you may reply to my handy-dandy screened post for that is what it's there for. o/

Oh, and I will intro Peter soon. Possibly tonight when I get back from work.
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Onii-sama/Kaichou and Geass' fun with Japanese titles )

I am planning a fanart site post in the near future because I spend entirely too much time looking for fanart.

Oh yeah, I'm also going to do a mini-essay on Lelouch's strength, failing at PE and other such things. Maybe when I'm done watching anime. Need moar Mokkun now.
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Can it be that I finally found something to essay on so I can continue to procrastinate on my Lulu relationship/anti-sexuality essay? Actually, this came up when I was reading over threads the other day. It's relatively minor but it allows me a chance to interpret canon so I'm a bit excited and also a bit conflicted. So yeah, I'm going to talk out of my ass now.

The subject in question: Japanese Honorifics. )


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