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Here's what I did in between threads tonight. o/

And yes, you have to guess who's who. Hopefully, it will be easy.

VampireCats )

GeassCats )

The rest of my lineup! )
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I am linking to this because I find it perfect and awesome beyond words and want to make sure others are privy to its genius.


Scroll down for pictures.
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Welp, I have to get off my lazy butt and get stuff done today but I just had to share this awesome pic [ profile] breakanumber linked me to last night. Especially since I never go to make my Lulu cookie yesterday. :(

Universe paradox? What paradox? )
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I love when my canon provides its own crack.

Amusing and horribly OOC hilarity ensues up to the page for Episode 14. Just replace "01" with desired number.
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I like liking things that are awesome and this is indeed awesome. I would kill for talent like this. They even have Nina x Table.
Geass text figures abound. Translation, like you really need, one right here.
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Moving this from previous post because I hate clutter and the other post has actual importance. Also I enjoy using the crack icon. Lulu looks demented.

First things first, to apologize for my delayed intro, we have a small folder of fanart, mostly of the EuphieLulu variety. Yay for incest! This also includes the ultra hilarity of Lelouch "accidentally" geassing Euphie into sexing him up just as Suzaku walks in. Euphie tops of course. Oh and there's some angsty/violent SuzaLulu because 23 put me in a mood. Enjoys.

ETA[ profile] verity_isle was kind enough to provide translations for 22 crack comic. Somehow the fucked-upness fails to make this any less awesome. I don't know. Geass removes these little things for me, which I call moral restraint and sanity.


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