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I'm delaying work since my stomach isn't quite feeling it today so I decided I'd toy with some musings in the meantime.

I'm posting this here since I'm not even sure Dai's journal is on the network and this is my primary so there. I've been trying to decide what to do about Ken dropping since I originally had intended to drop Daisuke when that happened, especially since the added lack of canonmates or digimon. But I do love playing Dai, as rare as it seems I do it, his whacky energy is a different sort from Setsuna or Toboe. So I'm torn. I do know that because Ken is Ken, I have to do some sort of fallout. Now, since it's Dai, he'll probably bounce back like IMMEDIATELY afterward, but I have to acknowledge it. Which is so hard to do, given the way I play Dai by randomly tossing him out to hyper at people. I'm not sure if Dai actually has more than a few actual relationships at camp, but getting him to chat with one or two might help me out here. If I lose the zest after that, then yeah I'll have no regrets for dropping him. If I figure this out, I might even do a Digi-canon pimping post. But yeah, I don't want to drop a character that is still fun for me just because of the whole partner thing bleh.



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