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[What it says on the tin]
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[So I guess it's still Halloween night and if you're leaving the mess hall after all that partying, you might now find yourself mysteriously situated around a loooong table in the center of the cornfield. Said table is decked out in a variety of tea cups in all designs and sizes, hundreds of little confections and cookies (each shaped like one of the four card suits) and equally creative pots of self-boiling tea. Oh, and Arthur is also sleeping in the center of the table, mysteriously wearing a striped collar of various shades of purple.

Each of our guests might also notice the intricately labeled name card in front of them and of course the new themed outfit they're suddenly wearing (or in some cases still wearing).]
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[This afternoon finds one failemp in his usual haunt in the library, practically walled in by piles of books on the occult. Yet, the laptop in front of him reveals only a blank page. He stares harder at the open curse book at his side, as if he could will the words to stop swimming together in his head. Thus far, he has managed little success.]
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[Allll the delayed party hijinks for Zero and Lelouch will go here.]
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[It's morning in the garden and the air is still slightly chill from the recently departed night. But such things are of little consequence to the young man who rests on his knees by the largest patch of lilies, recalling another day in a garden considerably larger than this one and the jubilant companion that raced ahead of him -- through the paths of flowers, calling his name excitedly in her bubbly voice and mock-pouting when his attempts to keep up with her were frequently hampered by his own exhausted breaths. Then, another day, when it was her struggling to catch her breath, the flowered paths at her side now endless puddles of red, dark petals of the color staining her lily-white dress -- And again, she calls his name, eagerly encouraging him one last time to join her game.

The recollection is simpler than the dreams that brought him here, fantasies of them working together to forge something pure, pure and not wrenched from the bloody tatters of a bitter recovery. Something that wouldn't have been paid for by a litany of names stretching onto forever -- he had made it a point then to learn every single one of them. One should always know the exact cost of an exchange. Oh how that child that had teased him by the flowers, that woman that had beamed at him in the darkened headquarters of her precious gift to the Japanese (to the world) would have hated the entire act.

He reaches for one of the lily's fragile petals (yes it is fitting that this had been the flower she waited at those many years ago when things were still fresh and full of possibility). His eyes lower, no longer focusing on the flower but instead losing himself to his memories.]

And what now, Euphie? Would you manage a smile for the broken world I have laid at the lap of Nunnally and all the others who would claim it? It is not how you would have done it of course, but... I have never had your gentle touch. Nunnally does. You know it too. Even with everything I have done to her, bloodying her hands just as I bloodied yours, forcing her to claim each death as her own... she is still your sister. Her hands are more capable of helping to shape the world you saw than mine ever were. Just as I will always be the destroyer, you two will always be the true creators, architects of a future that I could only ever barely glimpse.

But is it enough? Even if it is accepted by our world, I wonder if it would be accepted by you. Or would you still the shadows of what could have been? I admit, I have long blinded myself from them. Perhaps, you would find some hope in knowing that those possibilities are now in the hands of the one who could always see. It is the type of simple poetry that you once cherished. Ah, Euphie?
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[One failemp appears to be lugging around a backpack this morning. Whatever could that be for?]
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[The cabin is deserted this afternoon, except for one failemp, who is positioned length-wise across one of the more comfortable chairs. He looks thoroughly exhausted, as he may have increasingly looked for the last several weeks. His hair hasn't been touched this morning and his usual winter jacket is nowhere to be found. Instead, he manages a loose hold on a few leaves of paper. Another stack sits beside the chair, slightly uneven as if someone has already gone through those papers. Luca rests curled but awake on the middle of his chest, her tail twitching rhythmically. Although Lelouch's attention is solely on the reports in his right hand, the left moves routinely over the cat's back, the probable cause for the movements of her tail.]
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[An hour or so after successfully forcing away one very angry knight, Lelouch has finished inspecting the area around the mysterious carnival and is making his way back through camp. He has already managed to put those events behind him (that much he is sure of) and is intent on discussing more of the situation with his little sister. A chance to be helpful and make decisions might nudge Nunnally from her current thoughts.]
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[Sometime after speaking with Cornelia and checking on Nunnally, who is still in a deep sleep from the other day, Lelouch heads toward his room to retrieve the piece of paper with the notes he had once taken from Muraki's book in regards to medications to help with sleep.]
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[It's nearing mid-evening at the estate of the Governor-General, where one severely out-of-place prince is fingering the heavy curtains that edge a massive window. The soft glow of the city's nightlife, just starting to stir, masks the dark world that lies in the ruined cities beyond this oasis of civilization and prestige. He knows both worlds entirely too well, along with their protectors. It is not a sight he ever expected to bear witness to again. Maybe that's why he cannot pull himself away from this stark reminder of a course charted in blood. It would be easy enough to explain anyway, a quick line about contemplating the challenges before them or about the providence they were bringing to this land. Either way, his claim is to the duplicity, not the clutching, affectionate arms of his younger sisters, both eager to tell him about their days before launching into another of their playful squabbles for his attention. And while he cannot (or maybe will not) completely keep himself from indulging in their presence, those moments of simple joy, neither will he allow himself to forget that this is wrong.

The worst part is that after almost a week, he knows they are still no closer to figuring a way back. (Or maybe the worst part is that part of him wonders why they still try.)

Maybe that's why...]
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[Stuff happened and now there's this:]
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[Now here's something you don't see everyday: a scruffy black cat being tailed across camp by a barking Shiba inu. Though, that might have something to do with the half-asleep black kitten hanging from the cat's mouth. As for the puppy's urgency, that might have something to do with the lightning flashes not too far off.]

(Post open to anyone who wants to play. I'm just putting it here so as to not usurp a similar post.)
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[Anyone who's used to a certain failemp making his rounds about camp might have noticed a startling absence for the past few days (unless they've been hanging in the hospital, where he spends some time everyday). Some might even take this to be odd, considering that said failemp has almost appeared to be in a better mood than usual prior to the week. Maybe you should check on him at his cabin?]

((FTR: Nunnally thread takes place the morning after this and Fuuma's thread takes place shortly after the events of this post.))
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[After this fun discovery in the cornfields.

Having further stained his clothes while arranging to Suzaku's quarters in the hospital, Lelouch has since picked up a cleaner set and gone through the effort of maintaining a more presentable appearance. He wastes no time in retrieving the Shinkirou's key from the secluded area where he stores it and some other sensitive data, as well as his notes from the last several days. Securing the item, he quietly slips into Nunnally's room. She remains sleeping soundly, unaware of what events have transpired over the course of this day. His throat grows raw and he swallows once before closing the door again and walking out of the cabin.]
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[Someone is waking up in his bed, a dull throbbing still registering faintly at the back of his head. And something else... the coppery scent of blood.]

... nnngh.
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[A small child fidgets with his shirt collar, waiting as politely as he can outside a door and holding a box with a piece of red ribbon tied loosely around.]

... She should be ready by now.

((Warning: Post contains graphic scenes. o/))
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[The silence between the cornfield and Boys 4 has just been interrupted by a loud, pathetic puppy cry. Those interested in going after the poor creature might discover the tiny black kitten that is presently clenching said puppy's paw in its mouth and puffed up to twice its normal size.]

-- I told you to put me down!

((This is actually open to whoever wishes to jump it and save the poor puppy. ;;))
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[Sometime after this occurs, a certain failemp is groggily wiping a hand over his damp forehead and groaning. His mind flashes through bleary scenes of sadistically grinning moons, massive bonfires and... an unfortunately undressed zombie pair. Somehow, he doubts they are mere products of his feverish mind. A feeling that grows even stronger as he notices the strange shade of yellow at the corner of the nearby window. He manages to shift himself upright on the hospital bed, although his weakened arms still shake slightly in the process. Another several minutes and a set of calculated maneuvers find him leaning heavily against the window ledge, one hand pressed flat against the glass, as he gapes at fields of corn.]

A farm...
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[Someone is determinedly trying to ignore both the light flush on his skin and the much more noticeable stuffiness in his head as he navigates the surprisingly complicated hall to reach the common room, mumbling under his breath.]

It is about time Suzaku convinced her into doing something else. This has all been unnecessary.
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[It is an ungodly hour of the morning that most campers haven't even heard of, possibly just before sunrise, do you know where your failemp is?]

((PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5))


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