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"So not a fake cut. Really."

No really, he thinks he's a cowboy. It's beyond sad.

I should icon it.
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I am in total love with Lelouch's outfit.

And yes, as I said in my comments, I have decided that he made both those outfits, but only Lelouch can manage to pull them off without looking 100% like a woman. But seriously, THE STUDS. So sexy, Lulu. I feel an icon coming on...

ETA: People, for Lelouch to have STDS, sex would be required. And we all know how likely that is. orz.

ETA2: Icon done! If you notice, I may have completely changed the artist by accident. :o
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Since apparently canon never dies, I've decided I'm going to continue to use this journal to follow the growing insanity of Geass. Such as the upcoming mystery project~ and other nonsense like that. PS I actually really really want to see this because while some people are whores for Squaresoft, I am a whore for Geass.

So things of note:

If you thought the anime ending of Geass was depressing. Why not try it in MANGA FORM? Sob why is the cute manga more graphically disturbing than the anime? :(

Give me my threesome with Euphie and I will forever be your bitch. I mean, come on, can you get more awesome than this? Really? yes i know cc should probably be there but i can go along with trolling when it's in my favor...

Geass official art that doesn't blow. Can it mean an AU in the future? Who knows? I am perpetually prepared to be trolled. Also, I think this image is related to one of their special events that already happened. idek anymmore

And since I think people already know about the LULZ that is Renya (please please tell me about the code backstory please please don't suck), I'll call this a day. I might also toss up some noteworthy items from the novels, although they will be largely Suzaku-centered since the novels focus more on his POV.


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