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I love Celiss from GameFAQs because our takes on Lelouch are almost entirely the same. She maintains some semblance of sanity there. Both of these quote sections come from her.

Putting the last few episodes into perspective. )


Also the whole Lamperouge thing. Seriously, if it's his mother's name, that would make him stupid in a way that's wholly out of character. I don't know where he got it, but until I get official word, it's not hers. This is probably one of the few times I'll accept something the novels say as canon because it just makes sense as to why Lelouch continues to use his first name.

Names are connections to people. )
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Linking things is what I do best. This link in question is a fangirl discussion turned super serial. Now you know what I was doing last night. ^_~ I only share because it has elements I might want to return to at a later time, particularly the deal with Ashford and LuluNana. Scary stuff there.

Still waiting for translations to latest drama CD, as well as the NewType Special featuring Lelouch GEASSing his and Rivalz's seiyuu so they can take over the omake show. Both promise sheer awesome.
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Well, I've decided there is totally going to be posting this weekend. I'm just going to take some time today to write/review some essays and get a clear cut picture of what I'm going to do with my nutty death kitten now that 23 has come and gone. I'm just a little... broken right now and going to make icons to you know salve my PAIN.

In the meantime, I figured it might be pointless productive to link random reactions to the series so far, dating all the way back to when I first heard of it. In chronological order. Some of these are not a pretty sight, as my perception of Geass changed throughout the series (I used to mock the hell out of it when I first got into it). I can't really say why I'm doing this, aside from it being cathartic. Anyways, fear this list. Fear it with all you strength!

Geass episode mockery that eventually turns into love and introspection. )


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