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For reference and since people keep asking what I've been doing with updated/end-of-series!Lelouch up until now, I am tossing up all his journal posts here in somewhat chronological order. Continuity you mock me at times. :( Also, it should go without saying that these are entirely MASSIVE SPOILERS.

Cornelia: Awakening
C.C.: Housing swap
Cornelia: Geass
Suzaku: Um... issues?
Kamui: Return
Cornelia: Euphie/Decision

These are the big ones, but I will add any others that pertain directly to the update plot.
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It's come to my attention that some people actually follow the madness that is known as my conversations with Cornelia. I have been getting insanely lax about posting logs in my insanity. I do have them all on Google Calendar though so could easily do it once I found that motivation.

Anyway, Cornelia is the more organized sibling and has linked everything here. Obviously the "in progress" threads are not open to anyone else.
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-Gay gay Origami
-Rape tiem with Azula

Fire princess should come with warning label. )
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-Kitty antics

Ruruko is not amused~ )
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-Getting raeped by Suzaku
-Meeting Merryweather
-Pizza making with Suzaku

Don't let Suzaku near the kitchen k? )
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Most of this is just the dark!Zero post and the aftermath BUT IT'S EPIC.

Gojyo: to be a pretty pretty princess
Jr.: to find the director by midnight
Hellboy: to attack the hive
Asta: to tell the truth about her interests at camp
Gongji: to steal the bee's honey
Cornelia: to talk about Marianne (... let's pretend i didn't forget this the first time)

And gratuitous hand gestures and cape flourishes for all! )
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Most of last week was spent working or plotting with Elder Sister so there's my excuse for inactivity. Also I'm swiping Suzaku's style of logging, although mine is much less creative.

-Badtouching by Azula
-Surprise belated game of IC Secrets

My threading style is not at all selfish, no. )
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This really deserves its own post because of the boggart attack, which had everyone being awesome. Boggart was played mostly by dear Milly-mun. We loves. I have also logged the event in mostly chronological order since the boggart's defeat was carried out by both Euphie and Suzaku.

Also, for my extremely BS and pretentious explanation behind Lelouch's boggart: It totally represented his fear of not being able to do anything/ignored. o/


- Boggart attack AKA Kitty!Emperor
- Aftermath to Suzaku nearly getting himself chomped by Asta

Usagi said Lulu's boggart was a post unto itself. XD )
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- Hanging with the princesses as they react to Arisada
- Trying to stop Suzaku from being an idiot. Failure.
- Getting roped into the costume party

I still have to figure out how I want to do my costume party idea. )
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I am warning you now, I'm doing my backlogs. And for my sanity, I'm breaking them into their usual one or two week sections.


- Checkers chaos at Boys 4
- Chess talk with Suzaku
- Snarkfest with Ricochet

Don't let me forget to do my logs again. orz )
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A few of these entries are going to be WIP since the post was last night, and I've developed a habit of hanging onto threads. I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I am trying to limit how many I hang onto though and limit the behavior to one day unless there's an actual plan/agenda for the thread.

So most of these logs are Tiny!Lulu. First things first, Tiny!Lulu and Tiny!Suzaku are the result of the Geass boys plunging into a cursed stream whilst chasing after Lelouch's kitten. Lelouch has come to this conclusion and does tell some people such as Lina. Due to Lelouch's continuous association with Cornelia during his de-aging, Lelouch is also having some hang-ups as to understanding her. There may be an essay in the near future, provided I have time to sit down and think one evening.

-Any and all interaction with Cornelia as Tiny!Lelouch
-Tiny!Lulu and Tiny!Suzaku's THREAD OF DOOM. Complete with barrier hijinks
-Tiny!Lulu and Speed's kite adventures
-Yuu-chan trying to convince re-aged Lelouch to model dresses

Let them be little )
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Balance this week was decent, mostly because I just alternated nights for Setsuna and Lelouch since most of Setsuna's were posting.

Highlights include:
-The massive "Kitty Oh My Kitty" thread with Cornelia, Kira, Suzaku and Davy Jones.
-Singing with Enjolras
-Kaichou catching Lelouch on the singing

This really doesn't deserve a cut, but it's getting one all the same. )
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Since Setsuna went on an accidental hiatus of sorts, I was able to get Lelouch out more than often. Maybe once I deal with my angel-boy issues, I'll be able to establish a better balance with them.

-Cornelia (there are several parts to it and it's an ongoing plot, mostly crack but Geass-style)
-Borrowing Peony's rappigs
-Lelouch doing Ronan's nails

Cornelia-mun and I loves to plot )
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Lelouch spent most of this time getting topped by cats, Fay and the pool. And is currently waging a complicated game with a certain she-jesus.

I will get rid of at least two of these kitties, mark my words. )
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So Lelouch is now a new topping target for Usagi after a very interesting game of Truth or Dare, involving makeup. I want to say I'm sorry that I failed at most of my ToD threads; my computer DESPISED that post. ;; If you look closely in this week's logs, you might encounter more than one touchy situation between the Geass boys; Lelouch is a demanding bitch.

Suzaku, if you say I look beautiful again, I'm going to shoot you. )
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Had SRS BIZNESS with elder sister. Will essay later. But did get pwned by first Arthur and than rappigs. image is destroyed. ;_;

It always comes back to cats... )
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Almost a month between logs hmm? Well, I do have substance to account for it for once.

-Kitty Lulu getting topped by Arthur and then later Alby and clawing up Suzaku good.
-Suzaku interaction in general
-Drugged-up happy Lulu trying to get Euphie to plant trees and then later hugging Cornelia. ;o;
-Bubble festival

Also, dear god posting kills me. I have all these fun ideas for it, but I'm never able to keep up so I apologize to everyone who gets those half-threads with me. I love you all; I'm just slow.

Not quite a spammer, by far, but at least there's a happy medium now. )
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As said in Setsuna's log, canon can sometimes make Lulu very slow. We suck and apologize. Love us anyway k?

Highlights are the meeting with Cornelia and not trying to kill each other yays (why does my sister have to be a more decent human being than me ;_;), mediation sessions with Euphie and of course pizza post with Milly. Meeting peoples is good.

I solemnly swear I'm not plotting to kill my half-sister. )


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