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This seems the proper account for this post.

I plan on sending out about 7 packages of 20-30 cookies. My cookies come highly recommended from all who have received them in the past. :3 Sadly, I am only sending 7 cookie packages because mailing cookies is ridic expensive. Since I have so many people I wish I could send cookies to, I am hosting a lottery.

Note: Cookie lottery applicable to only U.S. residents. Anyone may request a card. Replies will be screened.

Provide your real name/address if you wish to be entered into cookie lottery. I will select 7 names from some randomizer Friday, Dec. 16. Then I will provide a list of cookie options for winners to choose from and send next week.

I am also doing cards. Anyone can ask for a card. Warning, I love doing cards and am crazy wordy. If you would like a card, please provide name/address and put CARD ONLY in the subject line. o/

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I am putting this here because I think more people read it than my boring poli-journal. Anyway, I like making cookies and I like sending cookies. Those who have had my cookies can testify to their AWESOME quality. I make it a habit of making many different types each year and mixing and matching, depending on my favorites and what people want. You might end up with chocolate expresso, you might end up with sugar, you might end up with lemon poppyseed, you might end up with raspberry meringue WHO KNOWS. They're all 100% made from scratch.

If you would enjoy delicious cookies, reply here. I'm not asking for addresses yet, just interest. KEEP IN MIND WHAT IT SAYS ABOUT THE UPCOMING COOKIE POLL.

Note, if you leave ridic far away, I'll send you a card.
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As some of you may know, Nunnally-mun has been caught in the middle of the Haiti earthquake chaos. While she is all right, she is understandably down in the spirits. So I am here to gather pictures/ficlets/adorable baby animals and basically anything that might give her a smile or two when she gets off work. And you guys have larger reserves than I when it comes to this stuff. I'm sure she'll appreciate it.


Dec. 29th, 2009 04:07 am
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I'm doing this, even though it's probably just a mood. I'm sick of internalizing things.

Drop meme. )


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