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I wants to be an attention whore. What better way to do it than with a Clamp icon?

As you may have noticed, I have been very random about whether I thread or not lately. I attribute this to my shakiness over actually announcing my resignation and the resulting fall-out. Not to mention that until I quit next Wednesday, I am stuck in the heinous budget season of death, meaning I work from 10 to 10 some nights and am exhausted in every sense of the word when I return. This isn't so much your typical not-hiatus as an apology for being a flake. You don't want to thread with me when I'm mopey about work. But I'll be around when I can.

So if there's anything you're looking to do with my boys/not!boy, give me a heads up and I'll see what I can work out.

ETA: Like I'm going to do one of those comment memes. Spamming matters not to me, nor can I do awesome playercest. Le sigh.
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1. Reply to this post, and I will pick three of your icons for each of your characters.
2. I might ask specific questions about the icons! What context were they pulled from; what coloring technique you used, wtf is with those keywords, ect.
3. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
4. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.

Responses to my inquiries go here. )
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So hiatus is almost over or will be if work can stop raping me for five seconds. Anyway, amid my Geass gaming (so sweet), Suzaku-mun and I were chatting about the adorable chubby figures for R2. Take a close look at Suzaku in his pilot suit.

And then madness occurred.

Caution: This is NOT BRAIN SAFE. )


Jan. 27th, 2008 11:05 am
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Going on hiatus for the week, as I mentioned in concrit. Actually, it will be more of a semi-hiatus while I finish thread with Cornelia, and I will still be available on IRC during that time. After which, it will go into full hiatus.

Since work usually kills me during the week, I don't expect much of a change other than my whining about not being able to get into posts early enough and less attention in general on camp.

If in the unlikely event that you super super need me, I will try to be on gchat.
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I finally finished my grand-project of logging Lelouch's entire activity on Google Calendar. I'm shocked and amazed to learn there was only one week when I didn't play at all. I think this was the week of Otakon. This task wasn't as daunting as it may seem since when I first started logging, I was lazy and would link all threads/posts together instead of separating them by character like I do now. I prefer the new method. I won't be doing this for Setsuna since he is a spam whore and will likely kill me. I just wanted the pretty search function when I want to see what type of interaction characters have had. My brain, she is mush. I also get to play fun games like how many threads/mentions do I have per character. I am amused.

Top threaders:
Suzaku -- 65
Euphie -- 46
Cornelia -- 25
Milly -- 24
Rubedo -- 21
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I admit it. I had more, but I quit. So I tried to keep this to adorable children and people Lelouch talks to fairly often. Children and canonmates (except C.C.) also get stylized personal notes that I'm too lazy to write out. I've realized I have OCD about this so it takes me forever. Something to keep in mind for the future.

So many gifts )
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Since the chan loev dub talk as much as the Geass comm, I have some notes from Celiss that give an amusing take on how the seiyuu were chosen, suggesting that the same might have been done with VAs since the creators did help in their selection after all.

From here.

Random trivia: When the Japanese casting for Lelouch and Suzaku was first announced, most people were surprised at the reversal of Fu-kuyama (Lelouch) and Sakurai's (Suzaku) roles; the other VAs who were also there for the audition, like Yukana (C.C.) and Ohara Sayaka (Milly) were convinced it would be the other way round, with Fu-kuyama getting the role of Suzaku, and Sakurai voicing Lelouch (though Ohara later admits, in the Hangyaku no Nikki special for DVD vol 1, that she cannot imagine it being any other way now)

When asked, in a NewType Taniguchi + Fu-kuyama interview, what his reasoning was behind the decision, Taniguchi says he chose Fu-kuyama for Lelouch because "he sounds like a good guy". He immediately corrects himself, saying, "I'm not saying he isn't actually a good person, but you get what I mean." Fu-kuyama has admitted several times that Lelouch has been his hardest role so far (he gets back strain talking like Lelouch), and that during the early recording sessions he was often told by the Sound Director to sound more like a devil, and to use a deeper voice. On the other hand, Sakurai also has it hard, because Taniguchi is always telling him, "Use a higher pitch! You can do it, right? You're a professional, after all." (Sakurai says in the Asuka Sakurai + Fu-kuyama interview that when he heard this he felt like going home)

Taniguchi's idea was to show, through their voices, that both these characters are trying too hard at pretending to be someone they're not.
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Ok I will be a sheep today, although me and my five might be dull. Be aware, one of your choices might result in furry pron.

I have a list of five characters I currently play or have played. They are listed 1-5 in no particular order. Ask me questions using the numbers 1-5 and after I get a few questions I'll go through and answer them IN MY OWN SPECIAL WAY.

For Example! "What would happen if 5 kissed 3?" or "Death battle between 1, 3, and 5, who wins?"

You may make up as many questions as you like!

ETA: As promised, I'm going to be a pill and let people guess who's who. Believe me, if you check out the other answers, it's really easy.

Characters (not in numerical order): Kaiba, Toboe, Faith, Setsuna, Lelouch. Depending on my mood, I might go back and edit in names later today.
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I'm not a big fan of memes, but this one is right up my alley since I love explaining the insanity of my brain to others.

If you have any questions about any of my characters, feel free to ask here.

This includes basic canon info but is more geared towards like . . . motivations, specific camp behavior, past events, anything else you can think of, really. "Why does ____ do this?" "Why does ____ act that way around them?" "Why does ___ not want etcetc?" etc.

This is more to fulfill any curiosities rather than a forum for concrit, but feel free to use it that way too. "Why the fuck would ___ DO THAT like you did last night?" Believe me, you may get more than you bargained for. I like to talk.

Lelouch and Setsuna be your targets.
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I liked this idea. I thought it was pretty when I found it on the Geass comm.

"There has also been a lot of discussion on 2ch about the chains and the cloth, but that's probably just a lot of over-analysis from people who are thinking too hard. I liked quite a bit of what was said though, like how Suzaku's "bonds" aren't bonds at all, and can be easily removed if he wants to (but instead it looks like he's obstinately pulling them tighter -- and suffering for it). On the other hand, Lelouch's "bonds" are heavy and real, but he welcomes the burden without resisting; he has that "Chains? What chains? I'll bear/break them all!" smirk on his face. Extreme over-analysis over something that may have been there only for aesthetic purposes, but it made sense to me."
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Please to be indicating who you want to jump you more. I love jumpings so I don't mind at all. Note, Lelouch isn't really a commenter to posts and typically jumps people within posts. But since I feel awkward about this half the time, it decreases jumping. This might make me get over it. Also please feel free to jump me. I'm slow as hell but I'm perfectly content with continuing threads for a day or so.

[Poll #1071894]
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I clearly have nothing to do with my life since I just spent the last few hours making icons with [ profile] master_of_mon's wolf art. It strikes me as Halloween art so I'm good.

The trio art pic hated me beyond words but at least I stopped Lulu's cape from taking out Euphie's eye. ;;
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I don't school, but I wanted to have a schedule like the cool kids. Also, EST does not top me because I DO NOT SLEEP.


General Work:
Whenever I feel like getting up -> 4 p.m.

5:30 -> 8 p.m.


General work:
10 a.m. -> 6 p.m.


7 p.m. -> 10:30 p.m.


General work:
Whenever I feel like getting up -> 6 p.m.


General work:
10 a.m. -> 6 p.m.


General work:
Whenever I feel like getting up -> Whenever I feel like leaving

As a side note, this schedule is incredibly subject to change. Assignments/meeting pop out of nowhere and sometimes the Monday/Tuesday meetings don't happen. Also, I have weekend duty at least once a month and that can either be at night or during the day. In general, I'm not often on weekends during the day because of my attempt to have a life. For those of you who wish you had my h@x schedule, beware it comes at the price of soul-crushing pain. ;;b
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In other random news, [ profile] sapphira_angel has introduced me to two new beautiful Japanese pieces that I will now forever associate with the Geass rivals.


Suzaku no Sora

Note, the latter is the much more beautiful of the two. Maybe I'll upload sendfiles when I'm less lazy or if people actually want.
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Random heads up! I'm icon-cycling. It probably won't be much but I just like announcing these things because it makes me feel special. :D
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You know what I just realized I don't have for Lelouch? An outfit meme. Well, we must fix that right proper.

Coz every girl crazy bout a sharp dressed man... Ok really I couldn't resist. XD )

As a point of reference, Lelouch is most commonly in his red jacket casual wear but will switch with the purple shirt of ghei as well. Other option is Ashford uniform but without the jacket.


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