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I might reformat this when I'm not being exceeding lazy and rushing off to save my poor toy from getting shipped back to God knows where. Anywhoo, I found one of those translation/summary thingies on AnimeSuki the other day so it's going into the usual archive.

"Rejoice in seeing the only track of the R2 SEs that makes any lick of sense. This one features a pissy BabyKaguya, an adorable Babyzaku and a devious Babylulu. It wins points for classic cutie Babyzaku near the end. Oh and ignore the second translation. For it is only PAIN."
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Kind soul on the Geass comm translated Lelouch's newest super depressing image song from the third R2 sound episode. Surprisingly enough, this song isn't.... as horrific to listen to as "Never End" and it certainly is more EMO. Baaaaaw goes here.

I would credit but the poster didn't credit so once I figure out who is responsible for this wondrous treat, I will give them their proper love.

Regeneration )
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I don't know if this is truly canon but it's referenced in the Ashford chronicles so why not add it to the mix.

I always say if I've ever seen a serious anime do crack right and spectacularly and in ways that make WTF nowhere near accurate enough, it's Geass. The Newtype special gives us some rare quality time between Lelouch, Suzaku and Kallen. Seriously these three need to spend more time together for it is hilarious. Lelouch and Suzaku are still stupid for each other, Lelouch more so with his not quite hero worship. Lelouch in general wins the award in this one for sounding most ridiculous, but he makes up for it with some unrivaled Kallen taunting. She really needs to kick him in the balls one of these days. And hey I admit it, as manic as this thing was, the end did get its obligatory AWWWW. Also, Lelouch going "Me? Wrong?" is so damn arrogant; I'm dying here. XD

Moral of this special: Fuck you, Neo. We all know Suzaku is THE ONE!

The awesome threesome or something takes on a bank robbery )


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