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Going back over sound episodes and the like, I've noticed something that I've been really sloppy about and want to work on keeping a better eye on. I occasionally do it, but then it's only for effect and not because I'm actively thinking. What I'm referring to is how Lelouch refers to Euphie around Suzaku and probably Cornelia as well. Since Cornelia and Suzaku are the only two who truly know Euphie as Euphemia, I'm going to make more effort to play this truer to voice. Basically, if Lelouch is being self-righteous/Zero-ish, he uses Euphemia; whereas when he's being reflective/tender/sad, he uses Euphie. This is extremely obvious in Stage 21.534, which Suzaku and I are still wavering on accepting into camp canon or not. This won't affect how Lelouch speaks about Euphie to other people since he knows she just wants to be Euphie here, and he won't deny her that.

Also, the actual point of this post is that I'm going to do the response to my canomates' relationship meme, but because I'm a hard ass, I'm doing it in complicated multi-part essay form. So Suzaku and Milly/Cornelia, this is for you. In its own special way. I'm too lazy to link parts so scroll down for character of your choice.

This is also an ENORMOUS essay on interpretations of canon and where relationships stood before and now. Obviously, Suzaku's all but killed me. And before any of you say anything, it's not that gay.


Maybe this is all a part of my flawed design. )


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