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Seriously, Marianne kicks so much ass that I felt this had to be included with my canon logging. I go by Celiss' take that if the novel parts don't directly contradict canon, I am willing to accept them as canon. It's up to interpretation either way, and this is too awesome to pass up.

Translation of Marianne and her children from the third novel. )


Also some interesting perspectives on the Geass boy's relationship from the creators and seiyuu.

Ex-girlfriend? )
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I'm going to have to make a different post for the translated interviews I save from GameFAQs since the formatting of the old post got screwed along the way and is very finicky with < > tags now.

You know the deal. Translations not mine, done by Celiss. Visit link party on dudes.

These are also posted further down in the section for "Ura de Net Geass" but I wanted to include them so I could point and laugh:

- Yoshino ended up writing the script for episode 19; supposedly he requested to do it, saying "Oh well, if (Okouchi) wants me to write a script, I might as well do the island arc." (he's more or less the fanservice supervisor for this show) According to him (and the Newtype Taniguchi + Fu-kuyama interview), this was how Lelouch's trap was supposed to work: Lelouch successfully digs a proper hole --> However, a boar appears behind him --> Lelouch tries to Geass it: "Lelouch Vi Britannia orders you to SIT!" --> Geass doesn't work on animals --> Lulu Quality Tragedy (Wait, isn't this just like that one fancomic? o__O) However, Taniguchi changed it all, telling Yoshino: "Well, in the first place, Lelouch isn't capable of digging such a hole...

Awww, I love that fanart. I really want to see Lelouch get PWNED by a boar. But how would dear Euphie save him? But Taniguchi's conclusion is still the best.

- The reason why the writers made Kallen stand on Gawain's shoulder instead of getting into the two-seater cockpit with Lelouch in episode 19: "There's no way Kallen will hand over the 2nd-pilot position to anyone else once she's in there." Good point.

True, but would Kallen stand against Zero is the question here.

Some quotes from the Stage 8 Audio Commentary and the novel. Most allow me to poke fun at the boy. )


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