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I'm going to be throwing the newest Ashford Chronicle and Sound File translation up here in a second, but in the meantime, have some more of that Grade A Kaichou and Lulu Brand Crack.

Yes, Milly, I altered the kitty names because once I was more awake, it occurred to me that there are only two queens, knights and rooks in chess. XD

[Milly] Well, at least you boys are ensuring that Cornelia won't become the crazy cat lady while she's here.
[Lulu] ... does that make me the crazy cat lady?
[Milly] Yes.
[Milly] You can sew them outfits.
[Lulu] :\
* Lulu breaks out the needles and thread
[Milly] :D
[Milly] Man, Lelouch would make the best crazy cat lady EVER.
[Lulu] he really would
[Lulu] he would geass anyone that set foot on his porch too
[Milly] ESPECIALLY the mailmen. So he can get extra coupon books and samples.
[Lulu] XD
[Milly] Hey, coupon books and samples are kickass.
[Lulu] and I can give them all ridiculous names
[Milly] Like?
[Lulu] umm... P7, N2, Q1, R1
[Milly] ... best ever.
[Lulu] you bet
[Lulu] nothing better than kitty chess to pass the day
[Lulu] especially when you're nuttier than a fruitcake. ^^
[Milly] This is very true!
[Lulu] I nominate this as the One True Ending
[Milly] BIG EFFIN CLIFFHANGER and then a shot of Lelouch surrounded by kitties dressed as chess pieces?
[Lulu] YES
[Lulu] cut screen print!
[Milly] I support this ending.
[Lulu] [fans]: ........ WTF
[Lulu] [creators]: :D
[Milly] XDD
[Milly] See, now I'm going to be disappointed when this doesn't happen.
* Lulu pets
[Lulu] there there
* Milly cries
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This is what happens when I should be sleeping/playing but instead I'm cracking it out with kaichou. XD

The Order = Most dysfunctional family ever yo )
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This obviously shows I was up far too late on a night where I should have been mind-numbingly depressed Wednesday. Oh well, Geass is my happy high. And Suzaku is so good at helping me get my fix.

I'm mostly saving this because it made me laugh on several occasions.

The only way for Lelouch to escape rapist CC )


Lulu explains the joys of 'Knight' )


I think this is basically the boys' relationship told in CRACK )


We've determined Suzaku must have had abnormally large hands as a child )


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