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I have to add this for the d'awwwwwwness.

One last dream?
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So I think NewType planned this to coincide with the OMG WRRRY of the recent episodes. They are masters of sadism. Enjoy. I spoil nothing.

Closing my eyes and watching the red darkness behind my eyelids )
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Nunnally can be extremely creepy when she wants. Her pouting about Lelouch never really getting angry with her unnerves me. But I guess I can see it. Maybe she does feel too smothered from time to time. Still, Lelouch really shouldn't leave her alone with C.C. That can't be a good influence.

Don't mess with Lelouch's margin of error! )
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Between C.C. and his crazy ninja maid, Lelouch really is going to have an aneurysm one day...

Worshiping the god of cheese and tomato sauce. )
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I'm too lazy to look up the excerpt before this one, but I just had to post about the boys' ADVENTURES IN COOKING. Yes, it is that epic. Arthur helps.

My three decimal places. D: )
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Before I forget. Celiss did up the first Ashford Chronicle so let's complete the set. She says the next one will be about Kallen fantasizing about Lelouch. wow.

We'll say 'Who cares about guys!?' )
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Celiss is redoing some of her translations so I might be going back to the earlier Chronicles sometime this week and sprucing them up with the revisions. In the meatime, I enjoy reading about Lelouch hittingonsuzaku being an asstard to as many people as possible.

Remember thinking about Suzaku wearing dresses doesn't make Lulu gay; it just makes him an ass. )
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I'm sad I lost the IRC log of this when the Lucifer/Sasuke-neko ate my computer line. But I think the chan's conclusion was Suzaku's hormones are reversely proportionate the breast size. The bigger the breasts, the weaker the hormones. GJ, Suzaku! Also, it's totally unfair for Suzaku to mock Lelouch's lack of hormones when his are MIA for the moment.

... And I think Milly may have molestered Lelouch in the past. ;_;

We all know Rivalz totally jumped Milly during this experiment. )
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This is when we first learn of the Pizza Hut points system and listen to Lelouch complain about C.C. using his credit card to fill up on his pizza needs. I just love how damn snarky Lelouch is around her. He really lets loose. It's beautiful.

I think this was linked along with some of the Knightmare histories but I like separating for reference.

C.C.'s true name? Hah maybe not. )
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In this part of the Ashford Novel, we have Nunnally and Kallen discussing Lelouch's love life. Someone's jealous! I'm going to go out on a limb and say this happens after Episode 11.

I love how everyone thinks C.C. is a cat half the time. )
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I love how C.C. makes Lelouch get her pizza for her by playing to his anxieties. I love her so. Also Lelouch calls C.C. old. Hah! Gee, Lulu, you sure have a way with girls.

Matching Cheese-kun... raincoats? )
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I had a partial translation of this a while back, which was mostly focusing on my SuzaLuluEuphie love, but there is so much hilarity and character to this one, it deserved much more. So here's the extended version, as requested from Celiss. As always translations by Celiss at GameFAQs

Nina's gonna cut you! )
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Mopey mopiness delayed my archiving of the latest Ashford chronicle, which is an atrocity because who doesn't want to see Lelouch offering to bathe Arthur to spare Suzaku the agony. This does cause minor brain breakage for me since we already knew from the interview that Lelouch admires cats but apparently has to be super sekrit about it. What's he worried about? His "image"? Lulu, that ship has SAILED! Also, Lelouch, you are a lazy, lying bastard.

In other news, people are saying the seventh DVD will contain the gender-switch festival. Can you tell I'm EXCITED??

Lulu denies his kitty love. Noooo! )
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My favorite part of this is when Lelouch tries to be a smart-ass under this breath. But I also enjoy when Lelouch reveals that he thinks sometimes the easiest way for people to remain friends is to not know everything about each other. This stands in partial relation to what the creators have said about Suzaku and Lelouch never truly understanding each other and yet still believing they are friends.

Lelouch and Milly play a battle of wits; I think Milly wins )
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Newtype brought with it some interesting Kallen/Lelouch interaction in the Ashford stories. I'm undecided on my take on the Kallen/Lelouch pairing, but their dialogue here was really amazing. Lelouch loves to get under Kallen's skin because he knows he can, but he can also be surprisingly sincere with her as well. I hope for some of this once the actual series returns.

Takes place after episode 21 )

Also, the [ profile] code_geass comm decided to have a srs talk about whether Pizza Hut could or could not exist in the Geass world, and no sane part of my mind could rationalize not linking that here.

Pizza Hut is Serious Business.


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